Tree Work (TW) Module

Advanced Training modules for the TW Domain provide knowledge and skill, with emphasis on Safe Work Practices, on climbing techniques; rigging techniques, tree felling, and tree & ornamental pruning. These classes provide hands-on training for small classes. An individual must complete all the required and one elective to receive a “Certificate of Completion” for the module.

Present Day Climbing – Level 1Required (12 hour class)
Present Day Rigging – Level 1Required (12 hour class)
PruningRequired (6.5 hour class)
FellingRequired (6.5 hour class)
Aerial LiftElective (6.5 hour class)
Aerial Rescue (Tree Rescue) Rope & HarnessElective (6.5 hour class)
Cabling & BracingElective (6.5 hour class)
Present Day Climbing – Level 2 (Level 1 Prerequisite)Elective (12 hour class)
Present Day Rigging – Level 2 (Level 1 Perquisite)Elective (12 hour class)
Chainsaw Safety & OperationElective (6.5 hour class)

Illinois Arborist Association

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