Advanced Training – Tree Worker Domain – SRS (Stationary Rope System) Climbing

This is a 2-day module, focusing on SRS climbing, demonstrating the latest SRS mechanical tools. This IS a ‘hands-on’ class. All attendees will access the tree for risk, install a rope and canopy anchor it, and ascend a tree using the various SRS tools, and limb walk while maintaining balance. We have the following SRS ascend/descend mechanical devices: ISC Rope Wrench; ISC Apex Rope Wrench; Notch Rope Runner Pro; Petzl Chicane & Zigzag; Akimbo, along with the appropriate connecting links, stiff tethers, and chest harnesses.

Equipment Requirements

  • Climbing style head protection meeting the ANSI Z89.1 Standard
  • Eye protection meeting the ANSI Z87.1 Standard
  • Work boots suitable for tree climbing, covering the ankle and giving ankle support
  • Work positioning harness with or without chest harness, meeting ANSI Z359 or ASTM F887 Standards
  • Work positioning lanyard suitable for tree climbing with locking snaps or double locking carabiners
  • Arborist grade 11mm to 11.7mm climbing rope, minimum 120’ in length, meeting the ANSI Z133-2017 Standard
  • Arborist grade eye & eye hitch cord and micro pulley, with a minimum of 2 double locking carabiners meeting the ANSI Z133-2017 Standard

Optional Equipment

  • Throwline and throw weights
  • Foot ascender
  • Knee ascender
  • Mechanical ascending/descending device(s)

Day One
Meet on site. As a group, perform PPE and climbing gear inspections, to check for defects, imperfections, and make sure it is Industry compliant. The following knots will be demonstrated and tied (1) Anchor hitch; (2) Barrel knot; (3) VT; (4) Alpine butterfly; (5) Running bowline with a Yosemite tie off. Demonstrate and perform a ‘Tree risk assessment’. Demonstrate throwline use. Demonstrate a canopy tie and basal tie. Demonstrate the different SRS climbing tools. Attendees will then get to practice climbing using the different SRS tools. End with a question-and-answer session.

Day Two
Review the knots. Continue with climbing using the different SRS tools. Start exam around 11am. The exam consists of correctly tying the 5 knots, tree risk assessment, attaching the SRS tool to the climbing rope, ascend into the tree, complete 2 workstations while maintaining balance and descend, under control, to the ground. End with a question-and-answer session.

Upon completion of the SRS Climbing module, each participant will gain the knowledge of tying the 5 knots correctly, completing a tree risk assessment, basic understanding of the advantages & limitations of the 5 SRS climbing tools. Advantages and limitations of SRS climbing.