About Us

Front row L/R: Mark McDaniel, Ben Miller, Chris Chamberlain, Joe Avila
Back row L/R: Steve Ludwig, Bill Bolich, Steve Fritz, Mark Ruyon, Steven Lesniewicz

We are a group of fun, exiting, intelligent, and passionate people. Trees are our thing. Making the planet, and each other, better is what we do. We are ground workers, climbers, equipment operators, researchers, manufacturers, industry suppliers, teachers, trainers, students, owners, managers, and all-around awesome people. You are awesome, and you are one of us.

The Illinois Arborist Association is a not-for-profit organization that supports the research, education, networking, and training of our incredible membership. From our educational opportunities to our membership resources, we are a family. A family where you, your career, and your uniqueness, is supported, fostered, encouraged, and embraced. 

Our mission statement says it all, 

“To foster interest, establish standards, exchange professional ideas and pursue scientific research in Arboriculture.” 

Are you interested? Do you want to understand and create industry standards? Do you think surrounding yourself with passionate and experienced arborists can improve your knowledge? Want to gain more professional value to reach your career goals? Do you believe research gives us the answers we need to foster the health of the planets amazing tree populations? We do! That’s why you deserve to be a member of our family. 

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