Municipal and Commercial Arborist Training Program (MATP/CATP)

  • Aerial Lift Safety, Rescue & Operations
  • Chainsaw Basic Maintenance, Safe Operation, Cutting Techniques & Sharpening
  • Chipper Safety & Operation
  • Felling Safety & Techniques using the 6-step Precision Felling Plan
  • Pruning Techniques
  • Rigging Principles & Fundamentals

  • Standardized Pricing for low- and high-risk trainings (within 200 miles roundtrip)
  • Enhanced Online Training Request Form
  • Elimination of Half-Day Trainings
  • Maximum of 25 weekday classes for MATP & CATP – Maximum of 12 weekend classes for Advanced Training: Tree Worker
  • Maximum of 12 students per instructor for MATP & CATP – Maximum of 7 students for Advanced Training: Tree Worker
  • To accommodate instructor schedules and insurance deadlines, trainings will only be scheduled 1 quarter in advance – Example: only Quarter 2 trainings will be scheduled during Quarter 1

Must have at least 12 attendees per class. If your group does not reach the maximum 12 attendees, we highly encourage inviting participants from neighboring communities to achieve the class capacity and subsequently share the associated costs. While we remain open to conducting the class for less than 12 attendees, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to reduce the fee for the class.
MATP – Muncipal Arborist Training. CATP – Commercial Arborist Training
All dates must start after April 1, 2024

Illinois Arborist Association