Illinois Public Service Institute Scholarship

Illinois Public Service Institute (IPSI) is a three-year training program that provides instruction expressly designed for public service professionals. The IPSI course includes three one-week sessions focusing on leadership development, service excellence, and personal supervisory skills.  These three sessions taken are one week, each year, over the course of three years. It is a great opportunity to add to your ability to lead and work within a team environment. In supporting the education aspect of the mission of the Illinois Arborist Association, we are offering a scholarship to attend this week-long training. The scholarship will be $500. The deadline to apply for the fall course in October is September 8th, 2023. More information on the institute can be found at

Your application is simply a few paragraphs:

  • What are your career goals?
  • How will this training help you meet your goals?
  • Why is support from IAA so important in helping you to meet this goal?

Additionally, you will be required to submit a short article for the association newsletter. The article will discuss your experience, and how it fostered your development as an arborist and leader. 

Please fill out the form below to apply for the scholarship.