Advanced Training for Arborists in Illinois

Current Course Offerings:

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Advanced Training Course Catalog

Advanced Training classes are worth between 6.5 – 12 CEUs.

Advanced Training Courses are partially funded through a grant by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the US Forest Service.

What is Advanced Training?

IAA Advanced Training is a program through which you can add to your basic knowledge as a Certified Arborist, and fine tune your skill set to your specific area of expertise. We offer four different “Domains”, each tailored to a specific sector of the tree care industry, shown in the table below. After completing a class you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.  Once an entire Domain is complete (all required classes and one elective) you will receive a Certificate of Completion for that Domain as well as an Advanced Training patch and pin to wear proudly on your work gear.  This is not a credential you hold with ISA, but it shows an advanced level of industry knowledge, which could have a great effect on your ability to earn more at your current or future position.

All IAA Advanced Training Program Courses are CEU-bearing courses at the standard rate of 1 CEU per hour and are generally scheduled on nights and weekends so as to not interfere with your normal work schedule. Class costs vary and are taught by local industry leaders in the field of arboriculture.

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