Advanced Training – TW Domain – Present Day Rigging – Level 2 Module

Course Description

This is a two-day Module designed to compliment the Level 1 Module. As in Level 1, this is a hands-on class. We will be demonstrating and using advanced rigging techniques such as:

  • Static retrievable false crotch
  • Fish pole technique
  • Load transfer rigging set up
  • GRCS (Good Rigging Control System) for hoisting a 1,000 lb. or more log 
  • Tip tie, butt tie technique
  • Balancing, using spider legs
  • Double Whip Tackle (DWT)
  • Setting up a mechanical advantage system (4 to 1 and 5 to 1)

We will be using the same knots and hitches learned in Level 1, along with more Port-a-wrap use. All participants will have the opportunity to set blocks and tie off limbs using the Level 2 techniques.
An aerial lift will be on site for use. A full body harness, size large, will be on site for use. Please bring your own full body harness.

Equipment Requirements

  • Climbing style head protection that meets the ANSI Z89.1 standard
  • Eye protection that meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard
  • Work boots suitable for tree climbing (covering the ankle)
  • Hearing protection for chainsaw and chipper use
  • Leather gloves for lowering
  • Chainsaw chaps

Provided Equipment

  • Aerial lift truck
  • Full body harness with a rated dorsal attachment, size Large
  • Deceleration lanyard for the full body harness
  • One pair of chainsaw chaps
  • All rigging equipment (ropes, pulleys, slings, rope friction devices, GRCS) All chainsaws (14”, 18”, 24”)

Day One

Meet on site for introductions and job briefing. After that, we will perform a tree risk assessment. The tree will dictate which advanced techniques will be used, but all will be demonstrated during the course of the 2 days. Pulley placement, to help use the trees structure to the riggers advantage will be demonstrated. All will get the opportunity to set rigging and remove at least 1 limb.

Day Two

Continue with class participation removing the tree using the more advanced rigging techniques. Each participant will be evaluated on his/her rigging.


Upon completion of the Rigging Level 2 module, each participant will gain knowledge of and be exposed to the rigging techniques in the “description” portion of this document. The bullets listed will all be demonstrated and used. There may be others, if the tree dictates using them.