Advanced Training – TW Domain – Chainsaw Safety & Operations Module

Course Description

This is a hands-on course, designed for those with little experience, or those that have never had any professional training on the safe operation of a gasoline powered chainsaw. Having some chainsaw cutting experience is required. We will demonstrate and go over the following:

  • The Safety features built into a chainsaw
  • The 4 reactive forces of a rotating chain
  • Rotational kickback
  • Inertia and manually activated chain brake
  • Proper starting procedures
  • Proper cutting procedures
  • Bore/plunge cutting
  • Basic maintenance
  • Hand sharpening using a round file

Equipment Requirements

  • Head protection meeting the ANSI Z89 standard
  • Eye protection meeting the Z87 standard
  • Hearing protection meeting the Z133-2017 standard
  • Leg protection meeting the ANSI Z133-2017 standard, that comes down to the ankle
  • Work boots, covering the ankle and giving ankle support

Provided Equipment

  • 14” top handled chainsaw
  • 18” chainsaw
  • 24” chainsaw

Day One

Meet in a classroom for introductions, briefing and a 1 hour Power Point Presentation. Then out to the site to go over the Safety features, the 4 Reactive Forces of a rotating chain, and then a rotational kickback demonstration. The following will be demonstrated, and all participants will have the opportunity to do: (1) Proper starting techniques; (2) Proper cutting stance and techniques; (3) Proper hand grip; (4) Bore/plunge cutting; (5) Basic maintenance and hand sharpening.


Upon completion of the Chainsaw Safety and Operation course, the participant will gain knowledge of and be exposed to the built-in safety features and the 4 reactive forces of a rotating chain. How incredibly fast rotational kickback occurs and how to avoid it from happening by placing the chainsaw to the right of the body when cutting. The proper starting and cutting techniques of a chainsaw. Basic maintenance including air filter cleaning, changing the drive sprocket, re-surfacing the guide bar and hand sharpening.