Advanced Training: Tree Worker Domain – Present Day Climbing

Volunteer In The Ascent Event Workshop - IAA

Dates: May 23rd & 24th
(weather date May 25th)

Time: 8am to 3pm
(1-hour lunch)

Location: Triangle Park – Lake Forest, IL – The intersection of E. Deerpath Rd & Walnut Rd

Max Attendees: 8

CEU’s: 6 per day (12 total)

This is a 2-day, hands-on module designed for the arborist who wants to learn the climbing techniques used in the arborist industry. The Moving Rope System (MRS) will be used in this course. We will present and demonstrate how to inspect all components of a climbing system, tying the appropriate knots used in a MRS system, tree risk assessment, ascending techniques, limb walking techniques, and descending techniques.

Equipment Requirements

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  • 1. Climbing style head protection that meets the ANSI Z89.1 standard
  • 2. Eye protection that meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard
  • 3. Work boots suitable for climbing trees (covering the ankle)
  • 4. Work positioning harness suitable for tree climbing
  • 5. Work positioning lanyard suitable for tree climbing
  • 6. Climbing rope 120 feet minimum in length that meets the ANSI  Z133.1-2017 standard, with a locking rope snap or double locking carabiner
  • 7. Split tail or eye & eye friction hitch cord with a locking rope snap or double locking carabiner

Optional Equipment

  • Throwline and shot pouch
  • Micro pulley for tending hitch
  • Foot ascender

Day One

Meet on site. As a group, we will perform a climbing gear inspection of all PPE and climbing gear, to check it for safety and make sure it meets industry standards. The following knots will be demonstrated and tied: Bowline; Buntline hitch; Double overhand knot; Prusik hitch and Figure of eight knot. Demonstrate and perform the following: A tree risk assessment on the tree(s) to be climbed; Throwline use and installing a climbing rope; Ring and ring friction saver installation; Ascending into the tree; Advancing the climbing rope; Choosing a final tie-in point (TIP); Positioning in the tree; Re-directing the climbing rope; Limb walking; Descending to the ground.  Question and answer time. 

Day Two

All participants continue with knot tying, installing climbing rope and climbing. Practical exam at the end of the day for all participants, consisting of tying the following knots: stationary bowline; buntline hitch; double overhand knot; prusik hitch; figure of eight knot; installing and ascending a DdRT system; limb walking and touching a hand target near the end of the limb.


Upon completion of the Climbing Level 1 module, each participant will gain the knowledge of, or be able to perform the following tasks, with emphasis on Safety:

  • A basic Tree Risk Assessment
  • Throwline and shot pouch use
  • Choosing the proper branch union for ascending
  • Installing a ring & ring Friction Saver with throwline, and then installing a climbing line
  • Tying a friction hitch with a split tail and/or eye & eye hitch cord
  • Secured ascending on the climbing rope
  • Limb walking 
  • Proper pruning cut (collar cut)

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