Volunteer for the Illinois Tree Climbing Championship

The Tree Climbing Championship is all about Safety for the Climbers, Volunteers and Spectators.

The Head Judge must have prior experience scoring the event. The role of the Head Judge is to keep the event Safe for all involved and keep the event running smoothly and efficiently. Reading the current ITCC Rule Book and looking over the Score Sheet is a must.

Scoring judges should have prior experience scoring the particular event and know what to look for in the event scoring wise. Reading the ITCC Rule Book and looking over the Score Sheet is a must.

Tree Techs play an important role in keeping the event running Safely and efficiently. They have a different perspective of the contestants climb (because they are stationed in the tree during the competition) and can call a Safety Violation to the attention of a Head Judge at any time. Tree Techs must be proficient in Aerial Rescue techniques. Reading the ITCC Rules Book and Score Sheet is a must.

Ground Techs keep the event running efficiently after each contestant has completed their particular event. Their role is to help the contestant get his/her gear out of the event ring; reset the Aerial Rescue dummy at the designated position for the next contestant; replenish the Work Climb bucket with sticks, etc.

Belayers have an extremely important role in keeping the slack out of the contestant’s rope but leaving enough slack as to not inhibit their climb. Being familiar with the belay device being used is highly recommended.

Timers are equipped with a stop watch and are responsible for timing the events.

Score Sheet Runners run the score sheets from the events to the score keeper.

Welcoming committee – a few people to greet spectators and help hand out IAA information about the event and tree care.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Don Roppolo, or Eduardo Medina.