Tony Dati

Village of Niles Public Works

I joined the IAA and became a Certified Arborist in 2010.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.   The path that IAA has taken me on has never been dull and always full of great adventures.  Education is a key component to the organization.  You receive training by the best to be the best.  The professionals I have met over the years have resulted in new opportunities and lifelong friends and colleagues.  Wherever you come from or whatever part of the industry you set your career path on, the IAA allows us the same great opportunities to make something of ourselves.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the industry for twenty years or for one.  The world looks to its professionals for confidence, consistency and knowledge.  The IAA can help give you that.  How do I know that can happen?  Cause it happened to me.  A friend of mine gave me the best advice I could’ve ever asked for 10 years ago.  So I’m going to pass it on in the hopes that we will be great friends and colleagues. “You should join the IAA and become a Certified Arborist.”