Ascent Event

Ascent Event

The Ascent Event tests the competitor’s ability to efficiently and safely use their selected and approved ascent system. The event assesses the competitor’s efficiency in attaching the ascent system to the ascent line(s), ascending to the bell, and transferring into a descent system.

The height of the bell may be set from 12 to 25 meters (39ft, 4.5in to 82ft, 0.25in).

The event is divided into three main sections as follows:

Setup Time: Competitors assemble their climbing system.

Ascent Time: Competitors ascend to a bell.

Changeover Time: Competitors transfer to a descent system.

The descent is not a timed portion of the event.


The Ascent Event is worth up to 25 points. Competitors earn time points for their Setup Time
and Changeover Time. They may earn up to 3 points as follows:

Completed in 9.99 seconds or less 3 Points
Completed in 10.00 to 24.99 seconds 2 Points
Completed in 25.00 to 44.99 seconds 1 Point
Completed in 45.00 to 89.99 seconds 0 Points

The time limit for Setup, Ascent, and Changeover is 90 seconds each.
Competitors may also earn up to 17 points for their Ascent Time. The fastest competitor to the
top receives 17 points. The remaining competitors’ scores are calculated by subtracting the
fastest competitor’s time (in seconds) from the times of each of the other competitors. For every
2-second difference in time between those scores, 1 point (of the 17 possible points) is
deducted from the climber’s score.
Two additional points may be earned for incorporating a series backup in the ascent system.

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