Southern Illinois University Forestry Field Days

We are excited to support and partner with Southern Illinois University at the SIU Forestry Field Day event running from May 23rd – 25th, 2023.
We are grateful to have been a part of this event over the past many years and always have a great time interacting with the forestry students at SIU, the professors/faculty as well as the great people at Touch of Nature Environmental Center in Makanda, IL.

The SIU Forestry Field Day event is a course for SIU forestry students that is completely hands on. The students get to apply what they learn in the classroom and take it to the field. They have training and applications with chainsaw operation, tree felling, invasive species identification and management, tree climbing, chipper operation and a career fair event. This is an excellent opportunity for the students as well as all of the volunteers, sponsors and industry represented to help display real life day to day operations in the field of arboriculture.

The event is a two and a half day filled with training, collaboration and interaction with the students. All students, faculty and volunteers stay at the Touch of Nature Environmental Center with the first day taking place at Dixon Springs Agricultural Center. Industry professionals train and educate the students on safety and safe work practices in arboriculture. Students have hands on training with professional guidance and interaction, a great way to meet and introduce the next generation of the arboriculture workforce. Day two is spent at Touch of Nature, focusing on further application of skills learned along with tree climbing training and application. 

We have been lucky as an organization to be a part of this event and many of our members to be represented and interact with the students. The career fair is a newer aspect of the event over the past couple of years and has lead to students identifying and placing themselves with a professional company or organization and helping advance and grow the arboriculture work force and industry.

The career fair has been an added piece to introduce students to the various aspects of the industry and diversity of career paths. From non-profit organizations to commercial, municipal and much more. The third and final day of the event caps off with the students providing a day of service at Touch of Nature Environmental Center applying the skills they learned over the first two days of the event.

As a sponsor or volunteer of this event, you will have an excellent opportunity to interact one on one with students pursuing careers in forestry and arboriculture. You will be able to make your organization known to display your career opportunities at the growing career fair that has been added to this event.

There are unlimited opportunities to have a booth and/or sponsorship at the career fair and volunteer opportunities are filling up.

If you have questions, contact one of our Commercial Directors, Paul Filary for complete details.
Contact – Paul Filary, IAA Commercial Director,
SIU Forestry Field Day Event – May 23rd-25th, 2023