SAWW – Safety and Woods Worker Training

SAWW Training Programs

The Safety and Woods Worker Training Program provides professional and recreational sawyers with highly effective, hands-on training programs delivered by certified safety trainers.

SAWW Training is an umbrella organization that promotes safe and efficient chainsaw use, both professionally and recreationally, and oversees the development of training curriculums and the training of trainers. SAWW Certified Trainers are experts in their field. They are required to have extensive sawing experience, to participate in a rigorous certification process, and to refresh their skills in an annual training course. Certified Trainers stay current in regulation changes, and in safety and utilization techniques.

Level 1 – Overview of the SAWW Training Program. OSHA regulations and requirements. Sessions on body mechanics, personal protective equipment, necessary tools, saws, tree felling and limbing, buck and topping.

Level 2 – Level One review. Maintenance, hands-on filing, carburetor adjustment, limbing techniques, precision felling assessment, and precision at the stump, including notching, hinge, species differences and terrain. Felling practice.

Level 3 – Level One and Two review. Focus on difficult trees. Planning for the felling of difficult trees, including tree-specific issues, identifying hazards, and planning escape routes. Felling difficult trees. Processing cut trees. Participants will execute these steps on at least one tree.

Level 4 – Level One, Two and Three review. Trainer execution of any procedures and techniques as requested by participants. Practice implementing techniques on less difficult and difficult trees. Information on reference resources.

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