Advanced Training: Tree Worker Domain – Rigging Level 1

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Date: May 3 & 4, 2023 (rain date May 5)

Location: Lake Forest Public Works Building – 800 N. Field Dr, Lake Forest, IL 60045

Time: 8am-3pm with 1 hour lunch

Maximum Attendees: 7

CEU’s: 6 per day (12 total)

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Course Description This is a two-day module designed for the “entry” level arborist. This is a “hands-on” class. This class is designed for those who have little or no experience using rigging gear (pulleys, slings and rope friction devices) and/or want to learn how to safely use them. A demonstration of a thorough ‘tree risk assessment’, to check for structural integrity, making sure the tree can withstand the forces being applied. Going over the different constructions of synthetic rope, and the advantages and limitations of each construction, will be demonstrated. Tying arborist approved knots and hitches for installing a pulley, rope friction device and lowering limbs and trunk wood. Understanding knot strength loss and the advantages of spliced goods. The demonstration and use of arborist blocks (Pulleys) for lowering wood, re-directing the lowering line to a “drop zone”, rope friction devices for lowering wood, building mechanical advantage system for lifting and open face notches. All attendees will have the opportunity to install an arborist block, install the lowering line into the block, tie off a limb, cut an open face notch and cut the limb off. An aerial lift truck will be on site for use. A full body harness, size Large, will be on site for use. Please bring your own full body harness if you wear other than a size Large or prefer to wear your own. 

Equipment Requirements: 
1 Climbing style head protection that meets the ANSI Z89.1 standard
2. Eye protection that meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard
3. Work boots suitable for tree climbing (covering the ankle)
4. Hearing protection for chainsaw and chipper use
5. Leather gloves for lowering

Provided Equipment:
1. Aerial lift truck
2. Full body harness with a rated dorsal attachment, size large
3. Deceleration lanyard for the full body harness
4. One pair of chainsaw chaps
5. All rigging equipment (ropes, pulleys, slings, rope friction devices)
6. All chainsaws (14”, 18”,24”) 

Day One: Meet in a classroom for 2 hours for introduction and a Power Point presentation. Drive to the site for demonstrations and participation. Go over knots and rope, pulleys (arborist, rescue), slings, rope friction devices, tree risk assessment, and then actual rigging from the aerial lift truck. 

Day Two: Continue with limb rigging, mechanical advantage systems, rigging spar wood off itself (drophitching) and spar notching & dropping (felling). There will be a Practical test at the end. The test will consist of tying the following knots: Stationary bowline; Running bowline; Clove hitch locked with 2 half hitches; Cow hitch; Timber hitch.

Outcomes: Upon completion of the Rigging Level 1 module, each participant will gain knowledge of or be able to perform the following tasks, with emphasis on Safety.
• Basic Tree Risk Assessment
• Rope tensile strength’s
• Know the difference between a rescue pulley and arborist block
• Tying all the knots listed above
• Proper pulley placement in the tree
• Anchoring a rope friction device (Port-a-wrap, etc.) near the base of the tree, and how to safely use the device
• Proper knot selection to the lower wood
• Cutting a notch and back cut
• Lowering wood with a rope friction device.