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The following is a list of specific duties, which are considered to be essential functions of the Production Scheduling Coordinator position.  The list is not exhaustive as all positions at Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc. are dynamic.  This is consistent with our need to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers.  The employee who occupies this position is expected to assume any/all duties assigned by management irrespective of whether such duties are specifically included in this list.


The main objectives of the Production Scheduling Coordinator position are to coordinate and schedule all tree production crews, vehicles, equipment, and materials in order to assure efficient completion of the tree production operations.  The Production Scheduling Coordinator reports directly to the Production Manager.  Major objectives include working in conjunction with the Sales Arborists, Shop Manager, Arborist Supply Coordinator, and Mulch Manager in order to effectively and efficiently schedule and complete in-field tree production operations.  The Production Scheduling Coordinator will be responsible to assure that the appropriate paperwork is completed according to tree production and company standard operating procedures.  Maintaining consistent and open communication with all company support personnel is a vital role of the Production Scheduling Coordinator position.



  • Provide general administrative support for the Production Manger including but not limited to spreadsheet data entry and maintain positive interaction between Production staff and Sales staff.
  • Coordinate various spreadsheets required for efficient scheduling of work.
  • Review and approve timecards by accurately and fairly account for daily (crew hours).
  • Assure that Daily Sheets accurately reflects production staff activities for the day (including sudden changes).
  • Assure that the Arborist Supply Coordinator has all tools, equipment, and machinery, loaded on trucks and ready for work the evening before the scheduled work is to be completed.
  • Working with the Sales Manager, Production Manager, and other applicable management team members to monitor established goals and deadlines related to anticipated job man-hours and job material usage for all tree production work orders.
  • Utilize Web based G.P.S. systems for reporting purposes.
  • Monitor the work efficiencies of jobs by identifying travel times, non-billable man hours, and service go back requests and then forwarding this information to the Production Manager or pertinent personnel.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled production and safety meetings providing pertinent scheduling or operational information for continuous improvement.
  • Plan weekly and daily activities in advance to ensure appropriate crew coverage and equipment / vehicle availability under all weather conditions and develop a contingency plan in order to make adjustments in a timely fashion.
  • Working in conjunction with the Production Manger providing feedback on (day-to-day) department functions such as equipment distribution, issues due to absences, vacations, or shortages.
  • Maintain the system to assure all work orders (including service request work orders) are scheduled appropriately and that the work is completed in accordance to the RFP specifications.
  • Maintain standard operation procedures for the department, utilizing a rolling calendar and monthly critique as tools for constructive feedback and continuous improvement of the department’s standard operating procedures.
  • Assure that the appropriate paperwork is executed and submitted accurately and in a timely manner, including: Daily Sheets and any other documents that are required.
  • Participate in the development and continuous improvement of our company safety program.
  • Working with the sales and production management teams acting as direct liaison, between Sales, Production Manager, and pertinent Office Support Personnel.


  • Excellent organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail
  • The proven ability in providing clerical support within an organization and positive interaction working with both office and field personnel, with a positive attitude as well as the ability to handle highly sensitive data in an appropriate manner.
  • Previous experience in job scheduling and/or project management is preferred.
  • The ability to use independent judgment to develop creative solutions to problems that arise.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, in order to communicate with appropriate personnel.
  • Willingness to work with new computer programs.
  • Critical thinking skills with the ability to categorize, prioritize, and communicate information from multiple sources in a fast paced environment.
  • Computer proficiency – Microsoft Office Software including Microsoft – Word and Excel
  • Professional Appearance and Dress – Collared Shirt, Dress Pants, and appropriate personal hygiene.Professional Appearance and Dress – Collared Shirt, Dress Pants, and appropriate personal hygiene.

Apply online at, click on the Careers tab or please email your resume to Doug Kraft, Closing date 1/3/2017.

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