Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

IAA Seeks Qualified Nominees for the IAA Board of Directors

The Illinois Arborist Association is looking for dependable people to run for the Board of Directors. Please read the information below and if you’re interested in submitting for a position, please complete the form below and submit.

The purpose of this notice is to solicit nominations from IAA members to fill one (1) officer position and two (2) director positions that will become open in October 2020. IAA members can nominate ANY current IAA member (including themselves) in good standing.  Deadline to submit nominations is July 6, 2020.


The positions are as follows:

Vice President – The Vice President shall assist the President, and, in the event of the absence disability of both the President and the President-Elect, shall perform his/her duties.  He/She shall serve as chairperson of the Chapter Donation Committee.  This is a four-year term consisting of Vice President, President Elect, President and Past President.

Commercial Chair – The Commercial Director shall become familiar with prevailing problems of the commercial arborists in the Chapter area and lend support to the development of solutions to these problems.  This is a two-year term beginning at the Annual Meeting.

Municipal Chair – The Municipal Director shall become familiar with the prevailing problems encountered in municipal arboriculture/urban forestry in the Chapter area and lend its support to the development of solutions to these problems.  A monthly luncheon for education and social contacts with the Chicago-area urban foresters should be continued.  Assistance and promotion of other area gathering should be offered.  This is a two-year term beginning at the Annual Meeting. 

Ballots for the IAA member elections require at least two qualified candidates for each open position, which means at least six (6) qualified candidates are needed for the upcoming election.

The Nominating Committee will review all the nominees and develop the ballot by July 6, 2020.

The IAA Nominating Committee uses the following criteria to evaluate the nominees’ qualifications.

  • IAA member in good standing
  • Past contributions/service at IAA events
  • Past service in committee and leadership roles both within and outside of IAA
  • Professional work experience in arboriculture and related fields including research activities
  • Commercial/Municipal/Research/Utility directors should be currently working in that field
  • Recommendations
  • Any other relevant considerations

Meeting Attendance
When elected, new Board members will attend a half-day orientation and Strategic Planning session with the Board of Directors. The Board meets bi-monthly and all dates are established at the first board meeting of the year.   Board members are expected to attend most primary member events (e.g., major meetings and Annual Meeting) and as many secondary events (e.g., ITCC, Golf Outing, Seminars) as feasible.

Leadership Expectations

  • Board members must be qualified, informed and experienced representatives that exemplify the highest standards of professional ethics, volunteerism, and commitment to the association and its related profession.
  • Board members are expected to take an active role in all member activities and attend as many major meetings as feasible.
  • Board members are expected to fulfill their liaison assignments.
  • Board members are expected to engage, participate and contribute to discussions and debates.  They should volunteer for special assignments and task forces as needed.
  • Board members should be strategic thinkers and look at the “big picture” of the IAA’s vision, mission, and strategic initiatives, free of “private agendas.”  

Click here to review the IAA Constitution & Bylaws.
Click here for a hardcopy of the Nomination Form to mail or fax.

Deadline Submission – July 6, 2020. The Nominating Committee will announce its candidates for Officer and Director positions by July 13, 2020. If no additional nominees are received via petition by July 6, 2020, the nominees will be elected for the ballot. The elected candidate will take office on October 6, 2020 and will be introduced at the 38th Annual Conference & Trade Show that takes place at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

I have reviewed the IAA bylaws and Nominating Committee comments regarding service and duties of the position. I agree to the purpose, mission and goals of the IAA and understand the requirement and protocol of Board service. If nominated and elected, I shall fulfill the expectations of the IAA Board Members to my best ability. I (and/or my employer) will support the time, travel, and minimal travel expenses to fulfill the expectations of the IAA Board Members.

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