Special Tree Volunteer Day at Lincoln’s Tomb

Special Tree Volunteer Day at Lincoln’s Tomb



December 13, 2014

During early May 2015, the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death will be marked with a reenactment of the funeral. The massive, multi-day program will involve thousands of people and will culminate at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield at the site of the original funeral in 1865. This will include reconstruction and use of the original cemetery gateway and accurate replicas of the original horse-drawn hearse and wood-burning funeral train, along with thousands of uniformed Civil War re-enactors lining the funeral parade route. See: The 2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition, Trees @ Oak Ridge, and oakridgecemeteryfoundation.org/photos/ 

Approximately 80 mature trees, including some unique or historic specimens, near his Tomb and in the surrounding cemetery grounds have felt the adverse effects of our recent climate extremes and are in critical need of arboricultural work or removal to prepare the site for this event. Our volunteer day is scheduled for Saturday, December 13, and Petersburg certified arborists Guy Sternberg and Alana McKean will coordinate activities on site.

The work will consist of structural pruning on some of the damaged trees and piecing down some dead trees located in positions where direct felling would be difficult. Local crews and other volunteers will be able to clean up the debris over winter in time for the funeral. We hope many arborist companies from here in Illinois will be able to join this effort. Great press coverage is expected, so be sure to bring bucket trucks, chipper trucks, and other equipment marked clearly with your company logo and contact information!

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