Special Tree Volunteer Day at Lincoln’s Tomb

Special Tree Volunteer Day at Lincoln’s Tomb     December 13, 2014 During early May 2015, the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death will be marked with a reenactment of the funeral. The massive, multi-day program will involve thousands of … Continue reading

The Value of Trees

Value of Trees Range from Climate to Costs Reduction, says IAA ANTIOCH, Ill. – Trees are essential to life and yet, are often taken for granted. Up to one million acres of forest are lost to city growth in the … Continue reading

Damaged Trees May Have Monetary Value

While it’s impossible to prevent storms, accidents, and air pollution from causing damage to your trees and plants, it is possible to recapture your landscape losses through an insurance claim, or as a deduction from federal income taxes, advises ISA. … Continue reading

Insects and Disease Prey on Stressed Trees

Topless Trees Are Indecent

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