Special Tree Volunteer Day at Lincoln’s Tomb

Special Tree Volunteer Day at Lincoln’s Tomb     December 13, 2014 During early May 2015, the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death will be marked with a reenactment of the funeral. The massive, multi-day program will involve thousands of … Continue reading

Urban Forest Public Education

Tree Preservation

Tree Inventory

Table of Condition Classes Village of Lombard: Inventory

Urban Tree Risk Management

How To Recognize Hazardous Defects in Trees (USDA Pamphlet) Trees Under Power Lines Brochure

Tree Care Practices

Mature Tree Care Pruning Young Trees Pruning Mature Trees Proper Mulching Techniques Treatment of Trees Damaged by Construction Trees and Turf Why Topping Trees Hurts

Tree City USA

  Tree City USA Website

Technical Information on Pest and Diseases

Forest and Tree Health “How To’s”

Storm Fighting Resources

Weathering the Storm –ISA Brochure

State Programs

Handbook of Government

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