Long Forestry -Operations Manager – Anna, Illinois

Position: Operations Manager
Base of Operations: Anna, Illinois
Reports to: Head of Forestry – Mike Long


Purpose of the Job:

The operations manager position at Long Forestry requires forestry skills, leadership skills, management skills and entrepreneurial ambition. The position functions as the head of operations for the southern Illinois office, which includes private landowner projects in Illinois and Missouri and contracting work throughout the Midwestern US.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and work with a forestry services crew to prepare for, execute, and complete forest stand improvement, invasive species control, tree planting, and prescribed burning projects
  • Maintain all LFC equipment in cleanliness and functionality
  • Repair equipment or deliver it for repair
  • Purchase equipment and materials for the projects
  • Maintain an organized, stocked, and functional shop
  • Promote a safe working environment by providing weekly safety meetings, ensuring the first aid kits and fire extinguishers are located and fully stocked in all vehicles, PPE is available and used all the time every time, and chemical spill kits are on site when chemicals are being applied
  • Submit required documentation to the corporate office such as herbicide application logs, employee timesheets, expense reports, credit card receipts, accident reports, etc.
  • Manage your own time, expenses, and resources to operate an efficient, effective, and profitable services crew
  • Represent LFC at marketing events such as trade shows, expos, and public presentations; also to promote LFC on social media outlets, in press releases, etc.
  • Stay up to date and informed on your industry and territory by reading periodicals, attending industry and supplier events, and researching; and to stay up to date on licenses and certifications
  • Uphold LFC’s standards by being a good steward of your clients’ property and money and by promoting sustainable forestry practices


The ideal candidate will have at least a bachelor’s degree in forestry resources or recreation, and 3 years of forestry field experience. Field experience includes serving on a forestry services crew, timber cruising, timber buyer, or other closely related position.

The ability to work closely with and lead your crew members, good communication skills with clients and the corporate office, and superior organization skills are required.

Working Conditions

Work will be mixed between field work and office work. Field work takes place year-round and in many cases in extreme heat or cold.   The operation of chainsaws, backpack sprayers, and constant walking in hilly and rough terrain can be expected.

Travel will also be required both up state and out of state. Travel is expected to occur about 30% to 60% of the time.

This position typically requires a 45+ hour work week. As a salaried position working less than 40 hours a week is not acceptable without deducting from vacation, personal, or sick days.

Physical Requirements

This position requires the candidate to be in good physical shape in order perform the duties described above.

Direct Reports

Direct reports to this position are the members of the forestry services crew.

Compensation and Benefits

The Operations Manager is a salaried position, with a starting range from $32,000 to $36,000 per year, depending on experience and ability.

Current benefits include a Paid Time Off schedule with vacation, personal, and sick days. LFC has an active retirement plan that includes corporate matching contributions. LFC does not offer a corporate health plan.





















Operations Manager – A Narrative

The operations manager at LFC will be a competent leader who has the ability to strategize a project, formulate a plan, and guide the forestry services crew through to project completion.

The operations manager will supervise and work with the forestry services crew out of the southern Illinois office. The forestry services crew performs invasive species control, timber stand improvement, and tree planting. The operations manager will be solely responsible for the forestry services crew, the projects they work on, and the equipment they use.

Project descriptions and instructions will be provided to the operations manager. The operations manager will assemble the needed supplies and equipment and supervise the crew completing the project. Quality control, inspections, record keeping, and safety meetings will be required.

The operations manager should expect to work alongside the crew the majority of the time. S/he will be responsible for communicating the project strategy to the crew, instructing the crew on how the project will be completed, guiding the crew into the project, inspecting their work, ensuring the entire project area was covered, completing the project, and cleaning and returning equipment and materials. The operations manager will also perform work alongside the crew when able, in order to keep the project on schedule. Some projects will require more supervision and leadership than others, which will dictate the rolls the operations manager performs on any given project.

Reports and record keeping will be a vital role of the operations manager, therefor organizational skills are important. Records and reports include safety sign in sheets, vehicle mileage sheets, herbicide application records, employee timesheets, expense tracking, daily project progress reports, and GPS data.

GPS capabilities are required. The operations manager must be able to use a GPS and its software to submit progress reports, maps, and way points.

The operations manager will be responsible for maintaining equipment and delivering it for repair when needed. S/he will buy supplies and materials when needed and maintain the shop area, keeping it organized, clean, functional, and stocked.

Travel is required, 30% to 60% of the time.

This is a salaried position ranging from $32,000 to $36,000 per year, depending on education and experience.


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